Coulee Region Literacy Council

Tutors - Students

Free tutoring in La Crosse, WI
  • Tutors and students can work together as “conversation partners,” during which time they talk about everyday topics to help the non-native speaker become more able to understand idioms, slang, and generally converse better in English.
  • Tutors can also work with students on adult basic education.
  • CRLC encourages adults from all walks of life to volunteer as tutors.
  • Tutors are matched with students based on needs, interests, and schedules.
  • Tutors and students have the use of ProLiteracy’s Skill Books, Readers, etc. to meet the needs of the student. 


  • Tutors and students meet at public places, such as a library, church, or school.
  • Tutors and students set their own schedules and generally meet for one-hour sessions once a week.
  • Transportation is the individual’s responsibility.
Adult Tutoring Services in La Crosse, WI